Guest driving

Hello guest rider


Are you not a member but still want to spend a day driving on one of our circuits? No problem.

This can be done in 3 steps.

  1. Make an appointment via messenger. Click on the Facebook photo. That is a link to our Facebook site. Click on the blue “message” button there, as shown in the red circle on the photo and leave a message asking if you are welcome on your desired day.
  2. Click on the Pay button and pay € 10,-
  3. Take a screenshot of your payment for possible checks on the track.

 Please note, this payment must be made on the day you start driving. So in the morning before you drive.

So now you can race all day long.



  1. Messenger.
  2. pay ten euro. 
  3. take screenshot.


Done? Okay see you on the track and have fun!


Facbook photo